Hi my name is Jim, well it’s Jim as far as this blog is concerned.¬† I want to be able to write freely and openly about my relationship with alcohol and I want to do that in a way that will not impact adversely on work, friends and family hence using the pseudonym of Jim.

I am a semi retired professional having worked in the fields of education and social work. I operate as a solid, dependable member of society but hidden away is a reliance on drink which I have spent a lifetime disguising.  Friends and family would say I am a heavy drinker when I do drink but I have always been careful to ensure that my drinking does not interfere with my professional life.

As I have become older my relationship with drink has become more problematic and through this blog I want to look at how, and if, I can rebalance this relationship or whether it has come to a point where I have to give up something which has at different times been both friend and foe. My hope is that through exploring my relationship with alcohol I can develop  a better understanding of why I have become more dependent on it than my friends and whether it is possible to recalibrate that relationship to one of enjoyable moderation.