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Semi retired professional working in education and social work. Exploring how I became alcohol dependent and hoping I can find a way to moderate rather than abstain. It may be a losing battle but reluctant at this stage to lose this constant companion.

Quick Update- not so much excessively moderate as moderately excessive

Ok if I don’t do this as bullet points it will not get written. I have been busy doing up my house in preparation to selling hence not so much time for blogging DIY especially involving heights (I have been … Continue reading

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My alcohol dependency- addiction or habit and association

Writing this blog, examining my drinking,logging the amount and when I drink, has thrown up some interesting issues for me. On the one hand I know I have allowed myself to become alcohol dependent, I know on occasion I can … Continue reading

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Happy drinking, sad drinking; a weekend of contrasts.

I just re-read my post of 18th June “Reflections on my out of control drinking,” and what I wrote then could so easily be applied to yesterday when I had a day of sad, bad, mad, eating and drinking. Days … Continue reading

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Well Jim, did you pass your test?

Ah the big test, the Saturday BBQ set within a difficult context. I was going with a plan; count the units, record the drinks on my app, set limits, alternate alcohol with soft drinks. Jim you are marvellous, with a … Continue reading

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One surprise test done, another big one to come.

I now feel well on my way with my moderation journey and I feel quietly optimistic about my prospects. I am clear in my mind that I do NOT want to give up alcohol which means that in order enjoy … Continue reading

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Now they are even putting alcohol into ice lollies!

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At last- A definitive breakthrough in the alcohol and health debate!

We have all read  the conflicting  articles. We pick up of the paper only to read that a scientist somewhere has made a startling discovery that drinking a glass of red wine a day protects you against heart disease only … Continue reading

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