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The Good, The Bad and the Extremely UGLY

First of all I want to make a request. There are many awards given to bloggers. Bloggers can be nominated for best health blog, funniest blog, most life  affirming blog, the list seems endless. If anyone reading this is familiar … Continue reading

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Dispatches from the Frontline 2- it’s why I call it sweet poison

Cutting down -that’s the theory.  Did well this week.  Three days without alcohol, a Friday night where I drank a bottle of wine (but see this a success) then today a test. Went to a food and drink festival. Self … Continue reading

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The Origins of My Drinking Habits Number 1 – Childhood

It always seems to go back to childhood. I read a report just yesterday suggesting that things such as stress in childhood can be linked to shortened life expectancy and susceptibility to a range of health conditions in later life. … Continue reading

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Diary Entry – Not counting, just observing

Ok so I had a bad Saturday and Monday so very consciously have had three days without a drink. Blood pressure is down, blah,blah. Of course not drinking everyday results in some health benefits. But I’m not counting days. I … Continue reading

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Reflections on my out of control drinking yesterday

I wake up this morning to another glorious day. I mention the weather because I’m British and we can count our glorious days on the fingers of one hand, so indulge me.  I’m sitting in the garden writing this having … Continue reading

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Dispatches from the frontline. Pissed by 3!

OK , I have to record this, get this down. Dispatches from the front line. Inside the craziness, not really understanding what I have created; where it comes from, why it goes where it does. A typical day in one … Continue reading

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